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This way for activities off the beaten track, for activities that put butterflies in your stomach, activities that are simply extraordinary. From head spinning to adrenalin pumping, your passion lights you up mentally and physically. You are seeking out an epic, memorable moment; one that requires endurance in your efforts and agility in your actions. Forget Sunday walks; here, we’re talking about ice climbing, aerial hebertism, diving, hang gliding and mountain biking. Anything with extremes and daring. Your playground can be measured in terms of altitude, insane speeds, intense descents. You have energy to spend, an excess of zeal to unleash and guts. So? Ready to embark on an adventure?
Our suggested things to do:
Arbraska Rawdon
Do you like rock climbing? Or simply being outdoors? Come try rock climbing outdoors on a rock face with Arbraska Rawdon’s via ferrata. This circuit, featuring ...
Altitude Gym
Come and try the challenges of the Clip 'N Climb theme park! With 34 walls of stunning activity, Clip ‘N Climb offers a unique and exciting experience ...
Marine Environment Discovery Centre
Ready for a challenge? Snorkelling or scuba diving will be a memorable experience! Slip on a wetsuit, flippers and a mask. The beauty of the underwater ...
Our suggested packages:
Camping de la Réserve de parc national du Canada de l'Archipel-de-Mingan
Starting at
per night/taxes incl.
Our suggested attractions:
Parc national d’Anticosti is not just a reserve for hunters and fishermen! Everyone can come discover this wilderness island, situated in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, bathed in the clear light of the north ...
Category: National Park     
Region: Port-MenierDuplessis     
Our suggested articles:
Zigzagging through the splendid sites of the Laurentians has never been so exciting!
Experience:  Adventure     
Author:  Quebecgetaways     
Date :  2014-11-28
Our suggested lodging:
Enjoy a stay at Château Mont-Sainte-Anne: this magnificent four-star condo hotel is located at the foot of the mountain and just 25 minutes from Charlevoix. Discover ESPACENORDIK with completely renovated ...
Category: Hotel     
Region: BeaupréQuébec region     
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Camping de la Réserve de parc national du Canada de l'Archipel-de-Mingan
Starting at
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