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Caves or Mines in Quebec
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Parc de la caverne du «Trou de la Fée»
Unique phenomenon in Canada by its origin. Formed in granite, the Trou de la Fée is the ideal location to live a first experience in speleology. Easy to visit, the cavern offers a safe environment. The cavern park offers a typical environment of the most ...
Capelton Mine
Underground discovery of the mining history of the Eastern Townships. Explore this old copper mine from 1863 safely with a guide. A trail on foot, with plenty of discoveries and underground marvels. This adventure includes the walk all the way to the ...
Caverne de Saint-Léonard
Did you know that you can visit a cave just a stone's throw from downtown Montreal? You will go back in time until the time when the glaciers covered the city. You will walk in the passages opened by the push of the glaciers. It is an ideal interpretation ...
Cristal du Lac
Dive into a new universe of crystals and minerals. Explore and discover activities for all at Cristal du Lac located in the Saguenay Lac-St-John region. At the Expedition site you can collect crystals quartz. Step into the shoes of a prospector as you ...
Mine d'agates du Mont Lyall
On the site of a 350 million years old ancient volcano, this geode open-pit mine offers you a unique chance to become a prospector for a few hours! During your visit, guides will provide you with the explanations and tools you need to collect your own ...
Grotte de Saint-Elzéar
Enjoy a guided tour in one of the oldest caves in Quebec (between 200 000 and 300 000 years) which contains an impressive variety of concretions: stalactites, stalagmites moonmilk, etc. Reservations required, online or by phone. Visit the website to see ...
Caverne Lusk
Grotte de Saint-Casimir (Le Trou du Diable)
2, rang de l'église sud
Saint-Alban, Qc, Canada
G0A 3B0