Directory of attractions - L'Isle-aux-Grues
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Directory of attractions - L'Isle-aux-Grues
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Musée de L’Isle-aux-Grues
This museum presents the history of ice canoeing, schooners, the milk industry, the McPherson Manor, the Bateau Ivre attraction and the île au Canot resort, which it also displays a model of. The museum also hosts permanent and temporary exhibits of artists ...
Isle-aux-Grues is the only island inhabited all year long of the archipelago. It boasts the largest unspoiled wetland in northeastern North America. These mud flats are a perfect place for watching birds or hunting waterfowl (via an outfitter). Isle-aux ...
Fromagerie de l'Île aux Grues
The Ile-aux-Grues cheese dairy is based on a unique model: cooperation. All the milk produced on Isle is essentially dedicated to the cheese factory. This particularity is at the heart of the success of their products. It guarantees their quality, freshness ...
Boutique La Mésangerie
177, chemin du Rivage
L'Isle-aux-Grues, Qc, Canada
G0R 1P0