Directory of attractions - Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford
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Directory of attractions - Saint-Paul-d'Abbotsford
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Le Roi de la Fraise
Delicious pick-you-own strawberries, raspberries, apples, tomatoes, squash and pumpkins at the Roi de la Fraise. They also sells a variety of products to create outstanding Halloween decorations. Pick-your-own: strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, apples ...
Les Artisans du Terroir Vineyard
Located on the west side of the mount Yamaska, the vineyard Les Artisans du Terroir invites you to discover a beautiful selection of wines developed by your hosts, the Guertin family. Come to the vineyard to taste their white, rosé, red wines and apéritifs ...
Les Jardins d’Abbotsford D.C
Les Jardins d’Abbotsford is a vegetable farm easily accessible via Highway 112. It offers various products for your shop, and the store has a magnificent view of Mount Yamaska. Obtain several varieties of fruits and vegetables at the kiosk. Pick-your ...
Vignoble et cidrerie Coteau St-Paul
Coteau St-Paul is located on the southern slope of Mount Yamaska. The vineyard is also an apple orchard and table grape picking, as well as cider and wine cellar encamped in an inspirational building Franco Norman 16th century reception hall and terrace ...
Vignoble les Petits Cailloux
The Vignoble Les Petits Cailloux is a family business located at the base of Mont Yamaska, in the heart of Montérégie. The view is spectacular, the scenery peaceful, the sunsets breathtaking. Come and taste the difference they have to offer.
Pépinière Abbotsford
A leader in ornamental horticulture in Quebec for 60 years, the Centre de jardinage Abbotsford (Pépinière Abbotsford) owes its reputation to the quality of its plants and the wide range of species offered (more than 1,500). In addition, it offers a highly ...
Chalet de L'Érable
Located in the Montérégie region, Chalet de l'Érable offers a traditional sugar shack meal from late February to mid-April. Gather with family and friends to enjoy delicious homemade food. Maple products and take-out meals are also available on-site. ...