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Directory of attractions - Saint-Polycarpe
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Le Sablon Beach & Shérifville
Beach Le Sablon and theme site Shérifville, located in Montérégie, only 30 minutes away from Montreal is the most family-friendly and entertaining beach to experience this summer! At the beach, you will find an inflatable Wibit in the water, the tarzan ...
Ferme Brasserie Schoune
Located in Saint-Polycarpe, this artisanal family business takes its name from the Belgian origins of its founders. Schoune beers are made from pure barley malt and are brewed according to the traditional recipe of Belgian beers, with water, barley malt ...
Shérifville, located in Montérégie, 30 minutes away from Montréal is THE family outing of the summer! You’re looking for an outing with a WOW factor and affordable for the whole day? Shérifville’s theme parc includes more than 15 different activities ...