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Décoder, jeux d’évasion extérieurs
Do you like escape games as much as you like rallies? Decode is the new way to escape, and outside! Unlike the usual escape game where you are locked in a room, Decode offers you to solve puzzles and intrigues in the open air, in the middle of the city ...
À la découverte du terroir!
A trip to the Maple Region is incomplete if you don't tickle your taste buds! With your family, your partner or your friends, let your taste buds guide you towards the flavours inspired by maple, berries, specialty meats, cheeses, blueberry sausages, ...
Circuit L’Érable entreprenante
A journey through the history of the builders who have contributed to forge the identity and character of the MRC de L'Érable! Scattered throughout the 11 municipalities of the MRC, the 30 stories selected for this tour were chosen because they still ...
Chemin des créateurs de L'Érable
Le Chemin des créateurs de L'Érable is 1 day, 32 artists and artisans, 1 circuit of showrooms and 8 municipalities joining forces to let you discover the talent of our artists and artisans! Take to the road and stop off at one of the 8 participating municipalities ...