Trails - Eastern Townships
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Trails - Eastern Townships
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Plein air Sutton / MTB
Plein air Sutton is a place where you can choose from a host of outdoor activities all year round. In the winter, at 429, Maple Street: 15 km of traditionnal cross-country skiing. In the summer, at 679, Maple Street: 30 km of mountain biking trails. You ...
Les Sentiers de l'Estrie
The Sentiers de l'Estrie are a network of circuits accessible to all levels for short hikes that lead to exceptional points of view and take you through rich natural environments. It is also the oldest trail for long hikes in Quebec. It connects the main ...
Sentiers Missiquoi
The Missisquoi North Valley has a lot to offer! Go off on an adventure through the back roads. Discover landscapes that are sometimes inconspicuous, sometimes magnificent. Float on a kayak down the winding river under the cover of silver maples. Explore ...
The Rapids Walkway
Generating mechanical then hydroelectrical energy, the Magog River gorge is the cradle of Sherbrooke’s industrial development. It’s located in the heart of downtown and its network of museums and linked to the Lac-des-Nations Boardwalk. Footbridges overhang ...
Les Amis des sentiers de Bromont
Les Amis des sentiers de Bromont is the only non-profit organization working in Bromont to preserve and develop hiking trails in natural environments for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. All together, the members and partners of the organization are committed ...
Parc des Sommets – hiking and mountain bike
Summits park trails add up to 140 km. They cross the mountain, the heart of the Old-Bromont, lakes, residential areas, the Scientific Park and offer mesmerizing views of Bromont’s mountains, especially on mont Horizon, mont Spruce and mont Bernard. The ...
Sentier Neil-Tillotson
The 14km round-trip Neil-Tillotson Trail will take you to the top of Mount Hereford during the 7km route. Intermediate level trail with scenic views (including the Lover's Bench and Three Ladies views). Access to the Vieux Panache shelter, 400 m elevation ...