12 Months, 12 Ways to Raise the Bar!

12 Months, 12 Ways to Raise the Bar!

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2018 is the year to dare something new!

A new year ushers in a time of self-reflection. But your typical resolutions can quickly be forgotten. Get back in shape? Sure… Spend more time with loved ones? Obviously… Take better care of yourself? As much as possible… Challenge yourself and grow as a person? If only there was enough time… There has to be a way to manage it all!

Make 2018 the year to dare something new!

Between work and personal obligations, there’s little time left just for you. Tiredness and routine, ensconced in our daily lives, become convenient excuses when motivation is low. But when you make the effort to break out of your comfort zone, you’ll find a range of emotions beneath the surface that are just slightly dusty from disuse: after the initial nerves, you’ll feel amazed, then overjoyed to have outdone yourself; apprehension is replaced with a sense of pride. Doubt leaves way to the certainty that it pays to dare!

Go from "I should’ve done" to "I've done that"

When you’re going through the daily grind, the little things make all the difference. Turn your "should’ve dones" into a catalyst for motivation. In 2018, make a resolution to say "I’ve done that”!

I went dogsledding!
I went dogsledding!

JANUARY: I went downhill skiing!

Most ski resorts offer introductory packages that include gear rental and a lesson. The Mont-Sainte-Anne ski resort has seen many beginners have their first go on its slopes, and Mont Rigaud, known as Quebec’s ski kindergarten, is suitable for new skiers of all ages. Or choose Bromont, which is fun for all.

FEBRUARY: I went ice fishing!

Ice fishing is a wintertime classic enjoyed all over the province. But plenty of people – both tourists and locals – have yet to give it a first try! Ease into the activity at Village Nordik at the Port of Québec or bring the family to take part in the one-of-a-kind tomcod fishing festival, held from January 27 to February 11.

MARCH: I went dogsledding!

Follow the musher’s instructions as you set out to explore vast snow-covered lands while being pulled by a happy pack of sled dogs. Many businesses specializing in adventure tourism like Randonnée Mïcklà and resorts such as Daaquam Outfitters and Resort or Aventure Inukshuk at Duchesnay offer this activity.

I went horseback riding!
I went horseback riding!

APRIL: I went horseback riding!

When we were kids, we all imagined galloping off on a great white – or maybe black – horse! Many equestrian centres offer intro courses for children as well as adults. The Ranch du Fjord in Charlevoix has horseback rides suited to all levels of riders.

MAY: I went on an aerial course

The return of mild temperatures brings with it new excitement and energy! Why not channel that energy and renewed vigour into an adventure that takes you way up in the air! The treetop courses offered at the various Arbraska parks can accommodate all types of participants. Or choose Ziptrek Ecotours Tremblant or TYROPARC, which both specialize in major adrenalin-pumping ziplines.

I went kayaking!
I went kayaking!

JUNE: I went kayaking!

Discover the joy of being on the water, surrounded by wilderness! Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Iles is a place where you can perfect your paddling skills in a kayak, canoe or other type of boat in a protected wildlife area. Pause Plein Air has trails varying from 6 to 24 km (3.7 to 14.9 mi.) on the magnificent Rouge River, known for its sandy beaches. Another option is Baie de Beauport, an urban oasis located a few minutes from downtown Québec City and an excellent spot for outdoor activities and kayaking in particular.

JULY: I hit a hole in one!

Admit it: opportunities to completely clear your mind and focus only on your breathing are few and far between! Spending the day on a golf course is a sure-fire way to regain a sense of balance and just switch off. You can take private or semi-private lessons at the Academy at Golf Royal Laurentien, taught by expert instructors. If you want to get the whole family on the course, the golf school at Domaine Rouville offers family lessons so that you can all try it out together.

I hit a hole in one!
I hit a hole in one!

AUGUST: I went through a canyon on a via ferrata course!

An Italian invention, a via ferrata is a climbing route that combines elements of hiking and mountain-climbing. You’ll be dazzled by breathtaking views of nature as you climb up a mountainside or along a deep canyon. Projet Vertical and Canyon Sainte-Anne both have many ways for participants to explore a canyon, including from 60 m (almost 200 feet) above the gorge of the Sainte-Anne River. If you go to Parc national des Grands-Jardins you’ll climb the cliff at Mont du Lac des Cygnes. For a practice run indoors, head to Horizon Roc Climbing Centre.

SEPTEMBER: I took a helicopter ride!

Going on a helicopter ride is a popular once-in-a-lifetime dream. It stirs the imagination and awakens your curiosity. Plan a romantic escape with Héli-Tremblant or Héli-Charlevoix, or soar above the city of Québec with GoHelico. There are lots of ways to make this dream come true!

I took a helicopter ride!
I took a helicopter ride

OCTOBER: I went karting!

Let your competitive spirit take the wheel! Learn the basics of kart racing on a safe indoor track and have a thrilling time with friends at ICAR Mirabel or race a few laps at Action500 Karting, which in addition to karting has a paintball centre – if you have any energy left!

NOVEMBER: I went to a Nordic spa!

Are you still unsure about going to a Finnish spa? In Quebec, heat therapy and these types of spas are all the rage! Give the gloominess of November the cold shoulder with a dip in the baths at Spa Bolton or Ofuro Zen Station. In the province there is a substantial number of spas, each of them dedicated to providing an authentic experience and improving your well-being, just like the must-try Bota Bota.

DECEMBER: I took a leap!

With 2018 coming to a close after so many challenges, it’s time to look ahead to 2019’s resolutions!  Keep the thrills going with an intro to free-falling at SkyVenture Montreal or learn to fly an airplane at AeroSim Experience. For an activity on water instead of in the air, try indoor surfing at Oasis Surf!

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