A Cruise from Montréal to Îles-de-la-Madeleine: the Best Way to Get to Know the Islands

A Cruise from Montréal to Îles-de-la-Madeleine: the Best Way to Get to Know the Islands

Attractions to discover March 20, 2017
CTMA Cruises
CTMA Cruises
Unique scenery, the flavours of the sea and friendly locals. These are some of the staples that come to mind when thinking of the Magdalen Islands. Thanks to CTMA Cruises, the actual journey to these magnificent islands becomes a part of your vacation. Every Friday between mid-June and late September, the CTMA Vacancier departs from Montréal toward the Islands.

Feel like taking this cruise? Here’s what you can look forward to!

Friday_3 p.m. Step on the boat and you’ll feel like you’re on the Islands already! The warm welcome of the madelinot crew is sure to charm you on the spot. When the horn sounds, you’re off…

Friday_8 p.m. Head to the dining room, where the delicious cuisine of the Magdalen Islands will be served. Watch the coast roll by and enjoy the festive atmosphere complete with the Islands’ traditional music.

Saturday_6 a.m. Wake up to the spectacular sunrise over Tadoussac, where a few whales might just stop by to say hello. This truly is a cruise that lets you discover the province from a unique point of view as you sail down the St. Lawrence River.

CTMA Cruises
CTMA Cruises

Saturday_11 a.m. Inside the ship, the activities begin: sample local delicacies and attend a conference and workshop to learn to shell lobster — an immersion that will help you get ready to visit the Islands!

Saturday_3 p.m. Steep cliffs and impressive wind turbines: a glimpse at the magnificent coast of Gaspésie.

Sunday_7 a.m. Prepare to be amazed as the islands appear on the horizon… a magical moment you won’t soon forget.

Sunday_Monday_Tuesday. A three-day vacation spent discovering the archipelago of the Magdalen Islands. Love at first sight!

Wednesday_6 a.m. The cruise ship makes a stopover in Gaspé. See the famous Rocher Percé, the beautiful Forillon National Park and more.

Wednesday_2 p.m. Your journey continues, filled with rich maritime features revealed before your very eyes. If you missed something the first time, be sure to catch it on the way back!

Thursday_1 p.m. A stopover in Old Québec City so you can explore the province’s capital.

Friday morning. With a heavy heart but a head full of memories, you’ve come to the end of your incredible trip.


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