A wave of new features at the maritime museum

A wave of new features at the maritime museum

Attractions to discover, July 23, 2018 2018-07-23
The river park and ship-museums. Photo credit: MMQ, Jean-Sébastien Veilleux
River park and ship-museums
Weigh anchor in the Côte-du-Sud tourist region for a maritime experience that will delight the whole family! To mark the 50th anniversary of the Musée maritime du Québec, a special program of activities revolving around the St. Lawrence River and the importance of this waterway will immerse visitors in the heart of maritime history with a look into the traditions and the identity of the people of the Islet-sur-Mer area, which is rightly referred to as the sailors’ homeland.

Celebrate and learn something new

Rope-making and sailing knot workshops, guided walks, and activities around the mainmast for kids and adults alike will all be happening throughout the season. Tourists will also get to see the municipality’s homes decorated with yellow and red flowers and Victoria Blue salvia, which is the official flower of the museum’s 50th anniversary, as a tribute to the museum. And if you were born in 1968 – the year of inauguration of the museum – your admission is free!

On the traces of the past

The Musée maritime du Québec as seen from the Navigators' Road. Photo credit: MMQ, Jean-Sébastien Veilleux
The Musée maritime du Québec seen from the Navigators' Road

Families are invited to visit the brand new permanent exhibition: The era of traditional small craft. It features about twenty rowboats, birch bark canoes and river canoes that were used not so long ago. Striking photos, videos and multimedia exhibitions bring visitors into the heart of bygone days when islanders and river dwellers used boats as their mode of transportation, the way we would ordinarily use cars today. Head over to the Boathouse to admire these surviving watercraft, learn the secrets of how they were made, hear the tale of the Chasse-galerie (also known as, The Bewitched Canoe) and raise the sails!

A tribute to the men who worked in the shadows

The temporary exhibition, Ships that sailed nowhere, presented by Hydro-Québec, showcases lightships and the brave men who dedicated their lives to protecting sailors, often at the expense of their own lives. This homage to 133 years of history focuses on the technical and architectural evolution of lightships and presents the stations along the St. Lawrence River and the lightships assigned to them. A poignant and captivating exhibition of about 25 artifacts that belonged mainly to former sailors who worked on these lightships.

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