Another Look at the Îles de la Madeleine
Attractions to discover March 26, 2018
Your vacation begins on board!
Your vacation to the Magdalen Islands begins on board!
How would you like a dream vacation to the Magdalen Islands with CTMA Cruises? Themed cruises are offered from June 15 to September 21, 2018 and promise cruise-takers a magical vacation filled with interesting visits. Discover the magnificent shores and all of the wonders of the St. Lawrence River. As soon as you board the CTMA Vacancier, your vacation begins! After two days on the water, the ship docks at the Islands for a three-day stay. Choose among the following three package deals and explore the archipelago at your own pace, uncovering its many treasures!

Savour the Islands

If you’re looking to learn more about the madelinot terroir and homegrown products, the Flavours package is a dream come true! You’ll get to discover the Islands’ tastiest attractions and most delicious foods. Take a gourmet circuit that presents reputable restaurants, chief among them: La Table des Roy headed by local chef Johanne Vigneau. You’ll also meet passionate food producers and artisans eager to share their know-how with you and tell you all about their region’s flagship ingredients. Your eyes as well as your palate will thank you!

Cycling is a great way to explore the Islands

Savour the Islands!
Savour the Islands!

If what you crave is adventure and freedom, the Cycling package is just what you need! Follow the waves of the ocean on your discovery of the Islands. Get a closer look at the natural riches along three circuits that let you see all of the major attractions. Grab a picnic and travel down the self-guided circuits that are suitable for all levels of cyclists. Cycling is a practical way to see everything there is to see!

A spotlight on art and culture

If Art and Culture is what you live for, then you’re invited to dive into the archipelago’s one-of-a-kind artistic and cultural universe. This all-inclusive package suggests an itinerary of museums, activities, art galleries and craft shops. Keep your eyes wide open: these are memories you’re sure to cherish!

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