Do Like the Snow Leopards: Enjoy Winter at the Granby Zoo!

Do Like the Snow Leopards: Enjoy Winter at the Granby Zoo!

Attractions to discover December 22, 2017
Enjoy winter at the Granby Zoo! Photo: Michel St-Jean
Enjoy winter at the Granby Zoo!
Starting December 26, you are invited to a very special winter activity in the Eastern Townships. The Granby Zoo opens its doors once again this winter so that visitors can admire these exotic animals in a magnificent snow-covered setting. Themed pavilions, an interactive rally, entertainment and lots of wonder await. If the weather allows it, bring your skates along or trade in a stroller for a toboggan – it’ll be just the thing to add an extra touch of magic to your extraordinary day.

See 90% of the animals for 50% of the summer ticket price

If you’re looking for an original, affordable activity, come visit the Japanese macaques, Amur tigers, snow leopards, wallabies, and many other animals at the Granby Zoo, that feel right at home during Quebec’s winter season. Watching them in such an enchanting environment promises to be especially magical.

Warm up in the pavilions, or on the ice rink

During your visit, you might have to take a break and warm up even if you’ve got the right outdoor wear. Not to worry! Come in from the cold and explore the Hippo River, the Temple, the Cavern, the Discovery Hut, the Elephants’ and Giraffes’ Pavilion, the Afrika Pavilion and the South-Pacific Odyssey Aquarium. These indoor pavilions are open all winter.

Another way to warm up is by going for a skate on the 360-square-metre refrigerated ice rink in the middle of the zoo.

Enjoy winter at the Granby Zoo!
Enjoy winter at the Granby Zoo!

Activities and a rally for those who are curious by nature

Did you know that the Granby Zoo is a sanctuary for many endangered species? The staff at the zoo is considerably involved in the conservation of biodiversity, research in veterinary medicine and the well-being of animals in captivity. Don’t miss the chance to see one or many of the 15 themed presentations held each day at the zoo! The zookeepers and biologists will have lots of fascinating facts to tell you about the animals, whose welfare is their top priority.

While you’re there, have a go at the interactive winter rally – you’ll get to test your knowledge of how animals adapt to the cold. The challenges are sure to awaken your five senses!

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