Families are Summoned to the Slopes!
Attractions to discover December 22, 2017
Families are summoned to the slopes! Credit: ASSQ/Mathieu Dupuis
Families are Summoned to the Slopes!
For great family fun, a day out on snow-covered ski trails can’t be beat! Once the mountains are snugly cloaked in their whitest apparel, Quebec’s ski centres welcome children and parents with open arms. Many centres have interesting offers suited to beginners that ensure your vacation on the mountain is affordable and that the kids get the most out of it!

Have your first ski on January 21, 2018

Ma première neige is an event presented by Sports Experts in partnership with the Canadian Ski Council at which participating ski centres will be offering ski or snowboard intro courses for $25 with the aim of improving access to those sports. Since this year registration is open to children as young as 5 years old, now is the perfect time to enjoy a great family activity. Participants will get a full gear rental, including a helmet, and a one-hour sessions with a certified instructor. Can’t be there on January 21? Intro packages at various ski schools can be booked to fit your availability.

The perfect activity for new skiers

The perfect activity for new skiers. Credit: ASSQ/Mathieu Dupuis
The perfect activity for new skiers

Expérience maneige, also presented by Sports Experts, has intro courses for children ages 5 to 8. This free activity on weekends between January 6 and March 11 takes place in a number of city parks and lets children safely learn the basics of skiing or snowboarding, supervised by dynamic instructors. No reservations are needed and you’ll find all the information at this address.

Winter is a time to play outside!

Don’t stay cooped up inside this season. Put down your electronics and hit the slopes in Quebec! This is the perfect moment to have fun and bond as a family and develop a love of sport. Thanks to themed events, special promotions and multiple discounts, a ski vacation for all ages is more accessible than ever.

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