Find activities to make the most of fall with Quebec Adventure Outdoor
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Find activities to make the most of fall with Quebec Adventure Outdoor @francispelletier

Quebec Adventure Outdoor is THE official reference for outdoor activities in the province! Discover countless activities at more than 135 businesses certified for quality and safety by Aventure Écotourisme Québec as well as more than 50 regional parks. Plenty of original ideas are waiting for nature lovers this season, so make the most of the wide-open natural spaces, mountains, plains, lakes and rivers in Quebec and find your favourite way to explore the trails – there are all sorts of options to suit all kinds of travellers.

Get your hiking boots on and start walking!

Discover the Charlevoix region on a hike
Discover the Charlevoix region on a hike

Is there anything better than a hike out in nature to admire the colours of fall? Discover the flamboyant scenery all around the province and choose from thousands of miles of paths. This is the opportunity to take on a personal challenge or push your limits! Plan a hike on the legendary International Appalachian Trail, a long-distance mountain hiking circuit, or explore the backcountry of Charlevoix at the heart of the Biosphere Reserve on the Traversée de Charlevoix. No matter which trail or destination you choose, the invigorating fresh air and breathtaking landscapes will be your reward!

Would you like to extend your trip? Visit the places that let you combine your hike with accommodations or with another activity like kayaking or camping. Your vacation will turn out even more memorable!

Zigzag along the trails of Quebec on two wheels

Mountain bike aficionados are invited to discover Quebec while practising their favourite sport. The province is full of spectacular places where you can practise this popular outdoor activity!

Get your dose of thrills at the Parc régional Montagne du Diable, where you can choose between trails of varying degrees of difficulty. Enjoy this 100% adrenalin activity in a stunningly beautiful natural environment. Additionally this regional park offers a range of accommodations; ideal for visitors who will want to rest after their activity.

Adventure is also on the agenda at Vallée Bras-du-Nord, a must-see outdoor destination only 45 minutes from Québec City. Thanks to resources tailored to beginners, this park is a perfect option for a biking vacation with family or for anyone wanting to try out mountain biking. Many other activities and lodging options are also available.

Explore Quebec's various mountain biking trails
Explore Quebec's various mountain biking trails

Find a place where you can take the dogs out with you!

Have a bonding moment with the dogs
Have a bonding moment with the dogs

Options for including four-legged friends as part of your activities are increasing! See what it’s like to work with a husky or northern dog as your teammate while admiring the remarkable scenery. After your activity, you’ll realize that a powerful bond has been forged between you!

If you’d like to try canicross, head over to Rawdon to Kinadapt, a business specializing in dog sports. This athletic activity involves pairing you up with one of the huskies so you can both go out on a run. You will be accompanied by a guide until you reach complete mastery of the sport, and you can either walk or run at your own pace. You’ll also get to learn more about the dogs of the pack and the roles they each have.

Another option is cani-karting at Centre de Vacances - Ferme 5 Étoiles. This activity with dogs harnessed to a kart allows dog lovers to experience a thrilling ride, while also giving the pack a great opportunity to train for winter and dogsledding season. Race down the trails and get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be a musher leading a pack of sled dogs.

There is also the cani-scooter, available at La Reine et le Millionnaire. This activity includes a training session before you head out, an hour on the scooter and a visit to the kennel. Step on the scooter and let the magnificent northern dogs bring you on the trails through the boreal forest.

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