Get ready for fall and Halloween on the Plains of Abraham

Get ready for fall and Halloween on the Plains of Abraham

Attractions to discover, September 21, 2020 2020-09-21
Get ready for fall and Halloween on the Plains of Abraham
Get ready for fall and Halloween on the Plains of Abraham

Days are getting shorter and temperatures are getting colder; are you ready to face the darkness in Old Québec City? Visitors of all ages are invited to summon up their courage and take part in activities that are truly out of the ordinary on the Plains of Abraham. Whether you’re fascinated by riddles, adventure or scary stories, you’ll love the program of things to do going on until October 31, and even into November! Reserve your spot so you don’t miss a thing!

New features for Halloween!

Abracadabra is a Halloween-themed treasure hunt where mysteries and legends are in the spotlight. Equipped with a magical bag, participants will be all set to head out on an adventure! Also new is the Pull up a chair, activity, a very special evening set up around interactive stations that promises an unforgettable experience into the macabre yet intriguing past of the Plains of Abraham.

Go on a family-friendly treasure hunt

Could there be hidden treasure on the Plains? Dive into this fun mystery by signing up for The Landscape Architect and the Hidden Treasure: an activity that is ideal for kids and their parents. This treasure hunt offered until October 31 allows participants to explore lesser-known corners of this exceptional site.

A historical escape game where you get to be the hero

The Escape Bag Rally - The Challenge of the Great Wars, another new activity this season, takes you into the heart of the Plains of Abraham during the two World Wars. Offered until October 31, this game involves solving a series of riddles and taking on challenges. Follow the traces of Frederick George Scott, a soldier, poet and chaplain, and discover how these armed conflicts have made their mark on the history of the Plains.

L'automne sur les plaines d'Abraham
Enjoy activities for families on the Plains of Abraham

The return of the Halloween decorations in the garden

From October 1 to November 1, day or evening, enjoy a stroll in the Joan of Arc Garden, where mysterious sets inspired by legends illustrate the history of the Plains. Tombstones also pay tribute to the people who have left their mark on the Plains.

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