How Do You Like Your Islands? Gourmet, Cultural or Active?

How Do You Like Your Islands? Gourmet, Cultural or Active?

Attractions to discover April 13, 2015
Gastronomy, Croisières CTMA
Lobster meal, Croisières CTMA
Reserve your place with Croisières CTMA for a memorable trip to the Îles de la Madeleine. As soon as you depart from Montréal, let the scent of the river and delicious cuisine put you in the mood and carry you to your unforgettable vacation. And as long as you’re embarking on an unforgettable vacation to the Magdalen Islands, combine your cruise with one of three package deals available throughout the season. Once you get to the Islands, get ready for three days full of activities!

Flavours to Make Your Mouth Water

The Flavours package is designed for foodies who want the scoop on everything there is to know about gastronomy on the Islands. Guided tours, meetings with producers and artisans and tastings in many establishments are all on the menu, not to mention samplings of seal products, lobster, cheeses, craft wine and microbrews. You’ll also get the chance to sit down to delicious dishes and a fine dining meal as you enjoy lunch and dinner at the archipelago’s best restaurants.

Cycling package, Croisières CTMA
Cycling & Outdoor package Croisières CTMA

Discover the Arts and Culture

Aficionados can take advantage of this Art & Culture package that includes visits to numerous museums and art galleries. Follow the local guide who will bring you to see authentic Madelinot art inspired by the sea and teach you about the Islands’ rich local culture. Meet passionate artists and attend evening shows as well as a historical play.

Bike through the Islands

Here the wind decides which way you go and guides you on your discovery of the islands’ beaches, shops and scenery. With the Cycling & Outdoors package, cyclists enjoy total freedom as they set out, picnic in hand, to explore the Islands in an exceptional way. After a day spent getting to know the many attractions on the circuit, the shuttle brings you back to the ship, unless the wind’s plans for the day had you taking the shuttle in the morning and returning to the ship with the wind in your back. Also available is a half-day of kayaking for travellers wanting to see the iconic red sandstone cliffs up close.

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