Major New Exhibition at the Canadian Museum of History

Major New Exhibition at the Canadian Museum of History

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The Canadian Museum of History
the Canadian Museum of History
The museum’s new Canadian History Hall, opening July 1, 2017, is sure to impress! Some 1,500 artifacts are contained in this iconic exhibition of the Canadian Museum of History that tells the story of how the country came to be, from the dawn of human habitation 15,000 years ago to the present day. Definitely a visit you won’t want to miss on your trip to the Outaouais region!

A captivating History Hall with a size to match

Spread out over two floors, the new hall covers 40,000 square feet and houses the biggest, most comprehensive exhibition ever created on Canadian history. Enter through the Gateway, a passage lined with 101 evocative illustrations showcasing the country’s history, and move on to the central area adjacent to the three galleries, each of which explores a precise period of Canada’s story.

An exceptional collection of artifacts

Get ready for big surprises! Many of the artifacts on display at the Canadian History Hall are among some of Canada’s most significant treasures. You’ll get to see the St. Onuphrius Church, an authentic building from Smoky Lake, Alberta, generously donated by its congregation. The handcuffs worn to the gallows by Louis Riel, a coat worn by General James Wolfe – a prominent figure of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham – and a digital facial reconstruction based on the remains of a family thought to have lived 4,000 years ago are just a few of the objects you’ll find at the exhibition.

The new Canadian History Hall
The new Canadian History Hall

Step into history

The result of five years of persistent work, this Hall is a reflection of the Canadian people. A reminder that history is a part of life, this innovative exhibition portrays glorious achievements that inspire hope as well as harrowing battles and conflicts. From the first peoples to inhabit the territory to the current population, the history of Canada continues to be written every day and occupies a special place at the Canadian Museum of History.

The Canadian History Hall: 15,000 years of history and 1,500 artifacts together in one exhibition.

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