Spend Spring Break Hitting the Slopes in Quebec
Attractions to discover February 9, 2015
QSAA, photo credit Mathieu Dupuis
QSAA, photo credit Mathieu Dupuis
When the urge to ski takes hold, the Quebec Ski Area Association swings the doors open. This is an association of the province’s 72 ski centres, where you’ll find lots of ideas to keep the family busy during Spring Break. Among the activities offered are courses for beginners, so that visitors who’ve never skied or snowboarded can be introduced to the pleasure of these winter sports. Get ready for days full of outdoor activities, snow-covered trails and lovely unforgettable moments.

Beginners Are Welcome

If this is the year you’ve chosen to learn to ski or if you feel the time is right to share your passion of skiing with your children, you’re in luck! Introductory packages for skiing and snowboarding are offered at centres in several regions, including the Laurentians, the Eastern Townships and Mauricie. These interesting promotions include the beginner’s lesson, gear rentals and a lift ticket. Look for the Beginners packages to see the offers and reserve your spot.

QSAA, Maneige, photo credit Mathieu Dupuis
QSAA, Maneige, photo credit Mathieu Dupuis

Go on the Maneige Experience

Maybe your tots don’t exactly feel ready to hit the slopes at a big mountain. In that case, they’re invited to take part in the Maneige experience held at urban parks in Quebec from March 3 to 7 and on Saturdays and Sundays from January to March. This free activity for kids ages 5 to 8 is organized by dynamic supervisors who will show them the basics before they hop over to larger summits. Parents will get to look on proudly as their little ones have their first go at downhill skiing.

Find a New Spot

When choosing your ski destination, why not pick a region you’ve always dreamed of visiting? There are excellent chalets and hotels located near ski centres, and sometimes even directly at the foot of a mountain, from where you’re just a hop, skip and a jump away from starting your day on the slopes.

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