Spring Break on the Slopes!
Attractions to discover February 6, 2017
Skiing in Quebec
Skiing in Quebec
If you want to get the most out of spring break, you need to move, go outside, have fun and go crazy! And that’s exactly what’s in store at Quebec’s ski centres. Whether you’re practically a pro, an occasional skier or someone looking to learn, skiing is a must for winter in the province. There are over two thousand slopes to choose from in Quebec, and with special activities taking place in many resorts, this spring break is sure to be one to remember!

Find a mountain for your first ski trip

If you’ve never ever tried skiing before, then it’s high time you did! Choose the Iniski and Inisurf packages to learn the basics of downhill skiing or snowboarding. These are offered in several ski resorts and suitable for anyone. They come with a one-hour lesson taught by an experienced instructor and include the gear you need and a lift ticket!

Free intro classes in some city parks

Skiing in Quebec
Skiing in Quebec

Your little ones are aching to try skiing on a big mountain, but you worry they might be a bit too young? Expérience maneige is an activity for children between 5 and 8 years old and takes place in a few city parks around the province. Participants get to practise skiing on a smaller hill that is better suited to their size. This intro program for skiing and snowboarding is free and supervised by dynamic instructors. To find out where the program is offered, visit maneige.ski/en/lessons-for-5-8-year-olds.

For non-skiers, there’s always the chalet!

If your spouse is bringing the kids out for a day on the slopes and you decide to just stay at home, you’re missing out on a great day! Many ski resorts have activities for non-skiers that include skating, snowshoeing and luge. Or spend a quiet day indoors in the chalets where you can read, have a coffee and admire the view.


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