Summer rimes with freedom at the Arbraska parks

Summer rimes with freedom at the Arbraska parks

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Summer at Arbraska
Summer rimes with freedom at the Arbraska parks
Summer rimes with freedom at the Arbraska parks

Reconnect with the pleasure of being out in nature and throw in a few thrills. Enjoy this exceptional adventure at the Arbraska parks of Rawdon, Rigaud, Mont Saint-Grégoire, Laflèche and the new park at Chauveau. Expect lots of exhilaration and an incredible sensation of freedom that is unique to forest obstacle courses. Every member of the family is sure to find the challenge that is safe and right for them, day or night!

This way for thrills!

Each Arbraska park has a variety of activities for all levels of difficulty and accessible for participants as young as 5 years of age. The courses combine various elements, including monkey bridges, climbing nets, footpaths, swings and ziplines. The guides at Arbraska are present at all times to look after your safety, and they are always happy to share tips with you to help you progress through the course. Put on your helmet and harness and prepare for an extraordinary experience.

Try the new park in Québec City

The Abraska Chauveau park promises a rush of adrenalin in the heart of the province’s capital. Participants looking for the most adventure can choose the Ziptour, composed on seven mega ziplines that follow and cross the Saint-Charles River. It also has four treetop courses of different levels of difficulty. And for the youngest adventure-seekers, two courses with continuous lifelines that don’t require handling snap hooks are designed to provide safety and hours of fun.

Arbraska is magical at night

Take advantage of cooler evening temperatures to see the treetop courses in a new light. At night, Arbraska offers participants the opportunity to rediscover the courses under the starlight equipped with a headlamp. See how nature transforms at night at the Rawdon, Rigaud, Mont-Saint-Grégoire, Laflèche and Chauveau parks and makes your activity all the more thrilling. Exploring the Laflèche Cave is another option for participants who want to discover its nighttime mysteries!

Before you go, don’t forget to reserve your spot! A number of packages have been designed to make your experience unforgettable. This activity is sure to make the cut on your list of top memorable moments!

Enjoy this exceptional adventure in the Arbraska parks
Enjoy an exceptional adventure at the Arbraska parks

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