Super Aqua Club: a new take on fun at the water park

Super Aqua Club: a new take on fun at the water park

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Super Aqua Club
Super Aqua Club: a new take on fun at the water park

In an atmosphere that feels like an all-inclusive destination, Super Aqua Club is ready to welcome you for its 37th season. This water park has something for everyone: 45 attractions for all ages, private beaches with BBQ areas and a heated wave pool!

This summer, visitors will be able to enjoy a fully immersive experience with the new world premiere attraction: the Zephyr River.

The Super Aqua Club is the very first water park in the world to welcome the Dream Tunnel developed by Quebec-based manufacturer Vortex International. This new immersive and multi-sensory tunnel, named the Zephyr River, is one more way the Super Aqua Club is able to put its commitment to reinventing water parks through innovation into action.

Comfortably seated in floating tubes, children and adults alike float along the warm water to the 75-foot tunnel where they will be amazed by the light, water and sound show.

"The experience of our guests is at the heart of our focus and guides every decision we make. Every year, we want to push the limits so that visitors can have experiences that go beyond the attractions themselves. In collaboration with Vortex, we have succeeded in imagining a completely unique and surprising experience," says Nadine St-Amant, president of Super Aqua Club.

In addition, with smart wristbands that use RFID technology, Super Aqua Club offers an all-inclusive experience. This technology allows you to access the water park without contact as well as pay for items and unlock your locker.

Buy your daily tickets online and save big!

The Super Aqua Club: your all-inclusive destination just 30 minutes from Montreal!

Super Aqua Club
Super Aqua Club, photo credit: MAGGIE BOUCHER PHOTO

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