The Fun of Skiing in Quebec Is Contagious!
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Québec Ski Area Association, photo credit Mathieu Dupuis
QSAA snowboard, photo credit Mathieu Dupuis
In Quebec, skiing is a passion passed down from generation to generation that returns season after season. Families, friends and couples travel from mountain to mountain and from slope to slope making endless memories. The Quebec Ski Area Association invites you to share those memories all winter on social media using the #maneige hashtag. Let’s share the fun with everyone!

The Many Pleasures of Skiing

Here’s something that fans of snowy slopes, epic days out, powder snow, off-trailing and chalet living know very well: the fun of skiing is made up of dozens of little pleasures. There’s the pleasure of being with loved ones, the pleasure of having some laughs, the pleasure of getting some fresh air and the pleasure of reconnecting with nature. Skiing is excellent for the body and mind – and a great way to lead a healthy lifestyle!

And seriously, there’s nothing like hitting the slopes, going further and faster than before, playing in the snow and enjoying a nice day full of activity. Then you’ll be ready for some well-deserved après-ski relaxation. Warm up by the fire, chill out in the hot tub, relax over a drink or have a sumptuous feast at the chalet with your buddies! A day on the slopes really is tough to beat!

Québec Ski Area Association, photo credit Mathieu Dupuis
ASSQ skiing kids, photo credit Mathieu Dupuis

The Centres Are Where It’s at!

Along with all the fun they have to offer, Quebec’s ski centres also host a variety of events where you can go wild, discover, explore and make the most of winter. Everyone is invited to take part in original festivals, crowd-drawing shows, activities that will have the kids giggling, themed events and special parties that will keep the mountains and ski resorts busy all season!

Discover what’s new, what’s happening and what the snow conditions are like at the 72 ski centres in Quebec at!

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