The Méga Parc in Québec City is Getting a Makeover!
Attractions to discover, May 28, 2018 2018-05-28
The Méga Parc is getting a makeover!
The Méga Parc des Galeries de la Capitale is getting a makeover!
Something surreal and fun for the whole family is happening in December 2018. The Méga Parc indoor amusement park in the Galeries de la Capitale shopping centre in Québec City will feature a completely renewed environment. Before the new park in unveiled, the temporary one remains open to all. Same lively atmosphere and laughter to look forward to!

A universe that is simply surreal

A must-see in the Québec City region, Méga Parc has been a favourite of kids and adults alike for 30 years. That’s why this popular amusement park saw fit to undergo a full makeover, the result of which will be revealed in December 2018. With the new design, families will be transported to the industrial era of the 19th century and be plunged into a Steampunk universe full of surprise and whimsy. Old-fashioned style meets modern entertainment!

More features, more fun

Step into a surreal universe!
Step into a surreal universe at Méga Parc des Galeries de la Capitale!

The new Méga Parc will have almost twenty rides, and rest assured, the roller coaster and merry-go-round are among them and have been revamped to match the new theme. Some of the additions include the first spokeless Ferris wheel in North America and a free fall tower that is now twice as tall. What’s more the skating rink will be replaced by the longest indoor skating trail in Canada. An interactive floor, sound and light games, a stage and a majestic interactive fountain with jets of water round out the new features at the amusement park.

The rides and installations have been chosen with care in order to offer a wide range of experiences for the whole family. The new Méga Parc promises a great time, and visitors can expect lots of thrills!

In the meantime, there’s the "Fugacious" park!

While renovations are ongoing, the Fugacious Méga Parc, composed of ten rides, jazzes up any trip to the Galeries de la Capitale shopping centre. The bumper cars and Jumping Frog are can’t-misses, not to mention the virtual reality ride, the laser maze and the bouncy inflatable park. It’s open, rain or shine, until next December!

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