The Sainte-Anne Canyon, naturally sensational!

The Sainte-Anne Canyon, naturally sensational!

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The Sainte-Anne Canyon, naturally sensational!
Canyon Sainte-Anne : naturellement sensationnel!
Who would have thought that 30 minutes from Québec City, on the road to whale-watching sites, lies an incredible canyon? A canyon with turbulent torrents, suspended bridges and a Giant’s Pothole where thousands of litres of water crash around! Choose the Sainte-Anne Canyon and embark on two adventures certified as Canadian Signature Experiences by Destination Canada. Make sure you don’t forget to take a picture!

A total forest immersion!

How would you like a hike? Walk through the enchanting woods surrounding the canyon, taking the time to admire the view from three bridges, one of which hangs 60 metres (197 ft.) in the air and is one of the highest in Quebec! See the spectacular waterfall and magnificent rainbows clinging onto the cliffs of the 1.2-billion-year-old Canadian Shield. Interpretation panels along the way provide you with more information and geological facts so that you can appreciate your visit to the fullest.

If you love thrills, this is the place for you!

Challenge yourself with two Canadian exclusives. Sit comfortably, hold your breath and launch away in the Air Canyon! You’ll soar 50 km/h (31 mph) above stunning landscapes of lush nature, rocks and ferocious rumbling waters as you travel across the forest, your feet dangling in the air over the chasm. Enjoy a moment of pure delight and guaranteed thrills that is accessible to everyone!

Sainte-Anne Canyon
Canyon Sainte-Anne

You don’t need to be an athlete to conquer the via ferrata! This activity uses a system of cables and clips and a continuous life line and allows participants to discover the canyon from a new perspective. The via ferrata trails stretch from the Sainte-Anne-du-Nord River to the intriguing Giant’s Pothole, known as one of Quebec’s most impressive. And this activity is available at any time of the year!

Both activities are completely safe and can be tailored to the participants’ level or for children, adults or seniors.

A great fun-filled day!

Families can discover the universe of the Petraminis on a fun rally and enjoy the playground structure. On site you'll also find two picnic areas, a restaurant and a souvenir shop. And there’s another surprise for you at the Sainte-Anne Canyon: your dog can follow you on a leash on the trails!

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