Three excellent reasons to visit the Boréalis museum!
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Three excellent reasons to visit the Boréalis museum! ©Mathieu Dupuis

Are you interested in the history of the pulp and paper industry in Quebec? At Boréalis, this industry is told through the lives of lumberjacks, loggers and papermakers. This choice family destination and major tourist attraction in the Mauricie region is located at the confluence of the Saint-Maurice and St. Lawrence rivers. A former industrial site transformed into a museum, Boréalis invites visitors to see a unique underground reservoir, explore the making of paper and enjoy a magnificent view from an observation tower. Here are three activities at Boréalis you won’t want to miss!

The First Shift walk

Take a trip back in time for an innovative historical tour! Using your smartphone, trace back the history of the neighborhood and the factory by following the First Shift circuit, lined with anecdotes and photographic archives. This outdoor tour in the heart of the Ste-Cécile district is inspired by the sound walks in Manhattan and Paris and allows visitors to experience an immersion through ambient sound and testimonials. This activity takes about 50 minutes.

A tour for the whole family

Go on a pulp and paper adventure that explores aspects such as logging, the omnipresence of water, mill work, lumberjacks and log drivers, as well as the building of workers' districts. The tour also includes an artisanal paper-making workshop and an underground rally in the vaults of Boréalis. This must-see experience is suitable not only for parents but for children as well, thanks to guides who can tailor the visit to their interests.

A factory-themed escape room

Do you have what it takes to work at the plant... In Alerte à l’usine (Factory Alert), you are called in urgently to cover your friend's night shift at the CIP plant. He's not worried about you: it's pretty quiet at night and there are almost no other employees on your shift. But the quiet won't last long and you'll have to prove yourself sooner than you think! This activity to do with friends and family is suitable for kids ages 8 and up.

Suivez le parcours urbain Premier « shift »!
The First Shift walk

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