Relive History on the Plains of Abraham
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Martello Tower, Plains of Abraham
Martello Tower, Plains of Abraham
The Plains of Abraham are a Québec City icon and a magnificent green space in an urban setting. This location witnessed a change in the course of the continent’s history. The buildings and points of interest evoke these historical memories, and many activities will be organized so that visitors can relive these key moments of the past in a way that is realistic and immersive.

The Battlefields Park Reveals its Secrets

At the Plains of Abraham Museum, the new Battles exhibition takes you behind the scenes of the Siege of Québec and the battles of 1759 and 1760. With original accounts from French, British, Canadian and Amerindian protagonists, you’ll understand the impact of these events and see them come to life thanks to an immersive projection. The exhibition features a collection of uniforms, large maps, scale models, interactive games and period reproductions. You’ll also learn all about the strategies, camp life, clothing and regiments. Battles is an eye-popping experience that plunges you into the heart of the Seven Years’ War.

Other Activities for the Family

Abraham Martin’s bus, Plains of Abraham
Abraham Martin’s bus, Plains of Abraham

The Attention, Gunner of the Martello Tower exhibition invites you to discover the architecture of the Martello Towers in Québec City, military engineering and the living conditions of the soldiers billeted in the towers. This visit includes the use of a smart tablet that lets you see historical animation superimposed on the tower in real time.

After your visit, meet up with Abraham Martin on his bus for a guided tour. This historical and humorous tour stars the venerable Martin, who was the King’s pilot and a friend of Samuel de Champlain, as he recalls the history of the Plains and lets you in on some of its best-kept secrets.

Free Mobile App

At a time when technology has us wondering, "What will they think of next?" the Plains of Abraham have used their tech-savviness to enhance your visit. Turn your simple walk in the park into something extraordinary with the My Mobile Plains app that shows you close to 200 points of interest, an interactive map of the park, games, videos and lots of photos.

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