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Kids playing in a play structure in the forest.
Photo credit: Archipel Amélio

Please note that knowledge of French is necessary to be able to understand the games offered at Archipel Amélio.

Experience something extraordinary in the Laurentians at Archipel Amélio, a playground and adventure park in a majestic forest in Saint-Jérôme. This huge 45-acre park is divided into nine different islands, all inhabited by amazing creatures such as dragons, gnomes and robots and where you’ll participate in a host of fun and educational challenges. You have two options when visiting: exploring the trails freely and stopping at games that catch your eye, or embarking on one of nine quests and successfully completing challenges along a set path.

Engaging games for everyone

Whether you go with family, friends or classmates, Archipel Amélio was created with the goal of entertaining everyone. Toddlers can enjoy the swings, play with Violetta the Octopus in an ocean of sand and even embark on quests designed specifically for them, while most games are suitable for children 4 years old and up. For the most part, challenges have four levels, so each family member or person in the group can choose the level that best suits their age and skills, even parents and grandparents! The staff will advise you on choosing a quest that suits your group.

Have a picnic in nature

When planning your experience at Archipel Amélio, consider bringing snacks and even a lunch for the day. The park has over 20 picnic tables for you to sit at and have a bite when hunger strikes. The whole family will enjoy this outdoor meal in an enchanting setting. That way, you can stay all day and enjoy all of the games and challenges in the park.

Celebrate with dragons and magicians

Archipel Amélio is also the perfect place for a fun birthday party. Guests will be impressed with all the themed activities, and kids will love playing outside in this huge park surrounded by dragons, magicians and other fantastic creatures.

Make a reservation now (website in French only) for a day at Archipel Amélio!

Young girl striking a pose in front of drawn wings.
Photo credit: Archipel Amélio

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