Take a trip through time at the Ulverton Wool Mill

Attractions to discover, July 1, 2024 2024-07-01

Exterior of the ancestral building, with a small wooden bridge over a stream.
Photo credit: Lydia Boisvert.

From May to October, the Ulverton Wool Mill is a must-visit destination in the fabulous Eastern Townships. Offering a glimpse into the stages of wool processing, this museum is the perfect place to marvel at human ingenuity and learn all about Quebec’s industrial history with family or friends. Dating back to 1840, this heritage building is set on a magnificent site, where visitors can enjoy picnics, leisurely strolls and fascinating educational activities.

A Stitch in Time

Through augmented reality, visitors can meet Phil, a mechanic working to get the Ulverton Wool Mill’s machines up and running again. Become his apprentice and get to know the passionate characters working at their machines, all ready to share their craft with you. The exhibition A Stitch in Time is a chance for visitors to recognize the importance of this historical museum. Reserve your spot online today!

English tea time

Can you picture yourself enjoying a tray of finger foods, scones and other tasty treats with friends, while sipping a delicious cup of tea in an enchanting setting? Well, at Table de la Bergère, the museum’s restaurant, you can turn this English-inspired dream into a reality! Tea time is held at 1 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday throughout the summer. Wearing a hat is also highly recommended to enhance the experience. It’s the perfect opportunity to dress your best! For more information on the meal and prices, consult the Table de la Bergère section of the website.

Platter of delicacies served at teatime.
Afternoon tea at la Table de la Bergère.

Sunday means showtime!

The mill also offers very special activities on Sundays, including the mesmerizing Ariane et le Fil de l’Eau show. Embark on an adventure alongside Ariane, a fearless heroine on a quest for knowledge, guided by the mysterious Fil de l’Eau. Experience the highs and lows, and the trials and tribulations during a show that will whisk you away to a fantasy world. Check out the Ulverton Wool Mill website and social media pages regularly for more information on all Sunday activities. Enjoy!

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