Bungee Jumping in Quebec
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Would you like to try Canada’s highest bungee jump? The rock that’s home to Great Canadian Bungee’s colossal 200-foot bungee jump is located in the Outaouais region and has been rated as one of the best five bungee jumps in the world by the Discovery Channel. If you’re looking for thrills, then bungee jumping is for you! Perched at the peak of a limestone cliff, the jump platform is located 200 feet above the crystalline waters of a 150-foot deep basin. This is the only place in America where you can experience a head (or body) dip. The 160 foot rebound is higher than the entire jump height at any other site in Canada. Sound scary? There’s no need to worry: Great Canadian Bungee’s highly-competent employees will help you take the big leap in complete safety.