Chants de Vielles, the Little Big Festival
Featured Events June 5, 2017
Chants de Vielles
Chants de Vielles

Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu is a magnificent heritage village in Montérégie and a beautiful place to visit. It hosts the Chants de Vielles festival, a unique event centred on the hurdy-gurdy where musicians and singers come together to pay tribute to traditional, folk and acoustic music. From June 30 to July 2 you can take part in the festivities and let the residents of this lovely community show you how they celebrate!

More than 50 artists

This festival in the heart of the village’s downtown area welcomes 50 talented artists from Europe, North America and the province of Quebec, all eager to make their voices heard. In a friendly, country decor, festival-goers will get a chance to discover the musical diversity of traditional, folk and Baroque song. Concerts take place on the Jean-Paul Guimond stage next to the river. There will also be a showcase of crafts and artisans for attendees to discover as they listen to the sounds of local and exotic traditional music. And if you’re a musician yourself, feel free to join in and let your instruments do the talking at the jam sessions.

Lots of things for kids to do

A project called TRADALANNÉE (which means "traditional music all year") was developed by Chants de Vielles in order to offer local youth special activities during the school year, and that’s why you’ll find a program of activities for young audiences that is just as rich and diverse as the regular festival offerings. Kids can participate in their own folk ball, intro to music workshops, traditional song workshops, plays, shows and more!

More than just concerts

Chants de Vielles, photo: Guillaume Morin
Chants de Vielles

When you attend Chants de Vielles, you discover a world unlike any other that is about more than just the shows. Delve deeper by taking part in a walk with the singers, going to one or several of the demonstrations and workshops or participating in the very popular dragon boat ride filled with song. The activity was such a success last year that organizers have made sure to have twice as many boats! More events to look forward to are the big banquet served outdoors, balls, dancing in the evenings and a parade on Sunday.

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