<em>Étincelles</em>: a sparkly activity in Sherbrooke for the holidays

Étincelles: a sparkly activity in Sherbrooke for the holidays

Featured Events, December 6, 2021 2021-12-06
Étincelles Sherbrooke
Étincelles photo credit: Moment Factory

Rediscover the pleasures of winter through Étincelles, a family-friendly winter multimedia activity. Indulge your inner child with ball games and help the Étincelles (French for "sparks") gang in their quest to light up the city of Sherbrooke! Warm up in a festive atmosphere and let the magic of light guide you! This activity created by Moment Factory is free and will take place at the Jacques-Cartier Park in Sherbrooke from December 10, 2021 to January 9, 2022.

The story of Étincelles

All year long, Flammèche and a band of friends, the Étincelles, wait impatiently for the holiday season to arrive so they can do what they love most in the world: light up their town and turn it into a place of celebration! Every night, as soon as it gets dark, Flammèche flies out of the house, along with little brother Tison, to meet up with their friends Brilliance, Bougie, Ombrage and Pénombre. Together they walk the quiet streets of the city, stardust in their pockets, and wake up all those who thought they could spend another quiet night.

Étincelles also features a large lighted pathway running all the way to the Lac des Nations that sets the stage of this immersive show. There will also be fun interactive games to get you moving! Toward the end of your visit, stop by a spacious and welcoming relaxation zone decorated with fire pits and fir trees. Cabins will also be open to visitors, and hot beverages and meals will be served there.

Sherbrooke is shining for the holidays

Do you want to celebrate the holidays just like in the old days? Playing outside, drinking hot chocolate, admiring scintillating decorations and creating unforgettable memories? This is the kind of magic you can look forward to at Lights on Sherbrooke. Discover all of the fun winter activities you can enjoy. In addition to Étincelles, there will be the Elf Hunt in CentrÔville, the Scintillating Trail that takes you to see Sherbrooke’s most beautiful outdoor Christmas decorations, the Christmas market at the Marché de la Gare de Sherbrooke, the charming wintertime public squares and the illuminated skating rink at Domaine-Howard. Whether you visit Sherbrooke with family, friends or your sweetheart, this is definitely a must-see holiday destination!

Sherbrooke temps des Fêtes
Sherbrooke: a holiday must-see!

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