Take the bait with <em>Fishing Stories</em> at the Musée de la civilisation

Take the bait with Fishing Stories at the Musée de la civilisation

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Located in Old Québec City, the Musée de la civilisation offers a distinctive cultural experience and must-see activities for visitors. A place of discovery, this museum casts an often-unexpected look on the human experience. Until September 6, 2021, you are invited to escape into nature with Fishing Stories, a 100% Quebec exhibition presented by the Sépaq and the Fondation de la faune du Québec.

Le lac virtuel de l’exposition Histoires de pêche
The virtual lake at the Fishing Stories exhibit. Credit: Marc-Antoine Hallé – Icône

Tales… that are this big!

A great fishing story is something that stays etched in our memory. Throughout history in Quebec, fishers of all levels have expressed their pride after capturing a beautiful freshwater specimen. Revel in these tales which may or may not tell the whole truth. You’ll also be fascinated by the romantic adventure stories set in idyllic locations that star salmon-filled rivers and lakes chock-full of fish.

A collection you can sink your teeth into!

To understand the evolution of local sport fishing, discover more than 350 objects, dating back to the 18th century until the present day. Marvel at the sophisticated gear of fishers from private clubs: lines, flies, reels, baskets, nets and lures. The exhibition also features vivid posters and promotional pamphlets as well as very serious-looking « documenters ». Some objects will leave you wonder: myth or reality?

Go on an immersive, interactive adventure

A fascinating interactive lake presents images of the forest, a cottage and a dock all around you: all the elements you need to realistically step into the shoes of a fisher. The sound and lighting create a one-of-a-kind zen atmosphere that is an essential part of sport fishing. The interactive game Go Fishing is fun and educational and takes you on a complete virtual fishing trip, from the meticulous planning to the surprising catch.

Buy online and stock up on memories!

To plan your visit, book your tickets online. Don’t forget to stop by the Museum’s shop afterward to find books, articles and fishing clothing related to the exhibition!

Musée de la civilisation
Credit: Marc-Antoine Hallé – Icône

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