A Gourmet Trip Along the Richelieu River!

A Gourmet Trip Along the Richelieu River!

Destinations to explore, September 9, 2011 (Revised on October 18, 2013) 2011-09-09
Richelieu River
I’m lucky to get to spend all summer exploring around the Richelieu River and navigating its waves. Its magnificent little villages and the bucolic landscapes on its shores beautify my getaways to this lovely part of the Montérégie region. During my excursions, I discovered many great hidden treasures that sated my appetite for terroir delights. And so, for your next car trips this fall, I have a few gourmet favourites I would like to share with you!

In Chambly…

For me, one of the best places for admiring the Chambly Basin and savouring a good meal is at the restaurant Fourquet Fourchette. I love the medieval look to this restaurant, and especially the dishes made with beer. I also recently discovered the charming boutique Les Gourmandises du Terroir along with their succulent sandwiches, which some say are the best in town! Located right next to the cycling trail, you can stop there and get what you need for a tasty picnic before continuing on your way.

In Old Beloeil…

At the foot of Beloeil’s magnificent church, small old houses stretch out one after the next, sheltering charming boutiques and restaurants. For a lovely lunch or a one-on-one dinner, the restaurant Janick, Cuisine du marché is still my favourite. The wonderful terrace looking over the Richelieu River offers an unrestricted view of the impressive Mont Saint-Hilaire. I also recommend a stop at the Chocolaterie du Vieux-Beloeil , which has simply divine homemade caramel!

In Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu…

Trois Tilleuls restaurant

My gastronomic favourite, all regions considered, is still the restaurant at the inn Les Trois Tilleuls! Even after two times there, I am still charmed by the chef’s inventive cuisine and the warm décor of the inn, set alongside the river.

In Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu…

The village of Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu is part of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec. As you walk down the winding Principale Street, you will discover lovely old homes, a beautiful church built in 1779 and the house of culture (Maison de la culture). There, I also came across the Magasin general, which looks like a general store from yesteryear, thanks to its architecture. You can discover a trove of little treasures at this store, including many local producers’ products.


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