A Spot of Relaxation in the Laurentians
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Photo credit: Tourismes Laurentides
Auberge de la Tour du Lac
When it’s time to indulge your senses, this region is a bottomless source of wonderful moments. Take relaxation above and beyond in the Laurentians with a stay at a cozy inn. These small establishments provide charming, welcoming accommodations and personalized service that meets your needs. Prepare for a break from your everyday cares.

Sweet dreams in the inns

Make the most of the present and surround yourself with comfort. Two establishments in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts promise an amazing vacation. Comfort and ancestral charm come together at Auberge de la Tour du Lac, where you’ll find country-style rooms with a fireplace and hot tubs, a spa and local fine dining that showcases homegrown ingredients. Auberge aux Nuits de Rêves stands out with original themed rooms that set the mood for relaxation. Enjoy the large bathtub in the room, get breakfast in bed or book the private spa. While you’re at it, go for a package deal with a massage!

Photo credit: Tourisme Laurentides
Ofuro Zen Station

Engage your senses in the Saint-Sauveur Valley

A region with a wealth of activities, the Saint-Sauveur Valley is the place to satisfy your need to take things easy. Known for its mountains, lakes and wide-open spaces, the valley is full of restaurants, offers a wide range of accommodations and is home to many shops. There’s Hotel Manoir Saint-Sauveur, which boasts an exceptional ambience in the heart of the village.

The peak of relaxation at the spas

The spas in the Laurentians each have features that make them unique, sought-after establishments. Choose the Bagni Spa in Sainte-Adèle for supreme wellness, the serene Japanese-inspired Ofuro Zen Station in Morin Heights, the famous Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant or any other spa in the Laurentian and you’ll be in for a moment of ultimate relaxation.

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