Defy the Cold at the Spas in the Townships
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BALNEA Spa in the Eastern Townships
BALNEA Spa in the Eastern Townships
Winter is here to stay and it’s a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors in… a bathing suit? Of course, but not before you first spend some time in the sauna or hot tub! Entrust your wellbeing to the Eastern Townships and discover this region’s universe of spas. Each person will find something they like, whether that is in a hotel spa, a Scandinavian spa or the famous Eastman Spa. Put your cares on hold and focus on one thing and one thing only: relaxation!

Combine spa and accommodations

The spas you’ll find in the big hotels and inns of the Eastern Townships offer a wide range of treatments or outdoor baths where you can relax as you see fit. Some of the main ones include the Manoir des Sables and the Chéribourg hotel, part of the Villegia chain, which have many specialties available at all times. As for Château Bromont, it has an Amerispa health centre for unrivalled expertise and renown in the areas of health, beauty and wellness. After your visit to the spa, continue relaxing in the comfort of your hotel room.

The bath at Bolton Spa
The bath at Bolton Spa

Why not a Nordic spa?

If you haven’t already tried one, think about it this winter; this type of spa is especially popular during the cold season. Located in the Townships, Spa Bolton at the foot of the Missisquoi River Falls, Spa Nordic Station in Magog and the iconic BALNEA Spa in Bromont all feature quality facilities and stunningly beautiful outdoor sites. Specializing in heat therapy, massages, hydrotherapy and a slew of others, these establishments are experts on how to take care of you.

Eastman Spa: for the full experience

For a getaway of absolute, A-to-Z wellness, you won’t find anywhere better than Eastman Spa. The first spa founded in Canada, in 1978, has received numerous accolades and it is the only destination spa in the province. In addition to offering beauty care and treatments of all kinds, this establishment also focuses on exercise, healthy eating and giving professional advice.

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