Discover Île d’Orléans at several interpretation centres

Discover Île d’Orléans at several interpretation centres

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Discover the history and culture of Île d’Orléans
Discover the history and culture of Île d’Orléans
This island is sure to charm visitors with its unsuspected riches! Located just 15 km (9 mi.) from Québec City, Île d’Orléans invites you to learn more about local architecture, history and heritage as you explore the quaint villages that line the St. Lawrence River. This peaceful oasis of exceptional beauty welcomes travellers with open arms!

First-hand accounts

Get an overview of the history of the island and find out about the founding families with a visit to La Maison de nos Aïeux (the house of our ancestors). This former presbytery repurposed into an interpretation centre holds exhibitions that look at the storied past of the island. There’s also La Maison Drouin (the Drouin house), an authentic home from the 1730s that is open to the public. Soak up the atmosphere of this fascinating 300-year-old house by hearing anecdotes and learning about its occupants and its unique history through the ages.

Remembering prominent figures

Parc Maritime de Saint-Laurent
Le Parc Maritime de Saint-Laurent

Dive into the heart of the 18th century, back to the time of New France, and visit the most prosperous seigniorial home Île d’Orléans has ever known. The Mauvide-Genest Manor is an elegant stately home that is still testament to the ambition and accomplishments of Lord Mauvide, a young surgeon for the King of France. Then there’s Espace Félix-Leclerc, which showcases the works of Quebec poet and singer-songwriter Félix Leclerc and celebrates his life and achievements.

The island life

The Parc Maritime de Saint-Laurent is a great place to visit with friends, family, or on your own! This maritime park on the river teaches visitors about the old age of wooden shipbuilding and includes an exhibit that looks at the secrets of the shipyard through anecdotes by witnesses from the past. There are also interactive workshops you can take part in during your visit. What’s more you’ll get to see an authentic 19th-century rowboat shop that has been designated as a historical monument! Your visit ends on a spectacular note as you gaze out at the wonderful maritime scenery!

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