Hit the Road in the Eastern Townships this Summer
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Eastern Townships region
As warm weather comes our way, so too does the call of the open road. Plan a getaway in the Townships to discover revived scenery, spend the day under a gorgeous sun and take a road trip that lets you put your cares on hold and fully appreciate the present. Hop in the car with your family, friends or sweetheart or dust off your bike at last. All that’s left to do is choose your route from the popular classics, or try a circuit that is less known but just as interesting. The region also has a lovely surprise in store for cyclists.

Circuits for All Tastes

The three official signposted routes – the Wine Route, the Townships Trail and the Summit Drive – are your ticket to everything about the region’s wine-producing activities, natural and built heritage and highest summits. But did you know about the other routes to discover? You could take a history class along the Pioneer Trail or the Schoolhouses circuit, or visit the tea houses, see covered bridges or meet agricultural producers. And if you’re a fan of Louise Penny’s mystery novels, don’t miss the circuits included in the Three Pines Inspirations Map that bring you to the places around the Eastern Townships that inspired the author.

Biking in the Eastern Townships

Have a Look at the New Cycling Map

Once you’ve chosen your route, you could decide to give the car a break and take your bike instead. Cyclists of all levels can use the brand-new map that includes the region’s top six circuits with lots of information on the trails and the tourist attractions you’ll find. Pick up a copy at one of the tourist information offices.

Biking Is a Gourmet Sport!

The reputation of the Eastern Townships as a gourmet destination is constantly growing. Combine your passion for cycling with your desire to discover local fare. The official cycling map tells you where to find products from the Créateurs de saveurs brand, restaurants headed by Creative Chefs as well as the Village Cafés. After a sport-filled day, a break for delicious fine food will be just what you need!


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