Isle-aux-Coudres is teeming with activities!

Isle-aux-Coudres is teeming with activities!

Destinations to explore May 27, 2019
Make your vacation on Isle-aux-Coudres a musical one 
Make your vacation on Isle-aux-Coudres a musical one
Head out to a tranquil island where the river, culture and heritage share 23 km of happiness. Known as a great destination for families, Isle-aux-Coudres in the Charlevoix region is a place you can discover on a bike, on the water and in the economuseums. Climb aboard the free ferry to get there and sail toward this island that is still a well-kept secret.

A great way to enjoy the river

Once you’ve reached Isle-aux-Coudres, the St. Lawrence River turns into a playground for the whole family. Try a paddleboard, kitesurf or personal watercraft in a safe setting since trained guides will be there to assist you. Just relax, have fun and admire the scenery and the mountains. Stroll along the banks of the island and find a beautiful spot to enjoy a picnic.

Make your vacation a musical one

Enjoy the river to the fullest during your stay
Enjoy the river to the fullest during your stay on Isle-aux-Coudres

The cultural activities on Isle-aux-Coudres are real crowd-pleasers. Concerts of all genres, productions of musicals and shows featuring popular artists will all be happening over the summer. Every Saturday around noon and every Sunday at sundown, performances in harmony with the waves of the river and the songs of the birds will be held. Activities will include a craft market, storytelling in the orchards and a tractor parade.

Learn something new at an economuseum!

Reconnect with old traditions when you visit the various economuseums that each focus on a particular kind of craft and present historical exhibits. The flour milling economuseum of Isle-aux-Coudres tells a 200-year-old story of milling through several exhibitions. You can also learn about the tradition of ice canoeing and the 30-year-old canoe race that takes place there. Another economuseum to visit is Cidrerie et vergers Pedneault, a cider house and orchard that teaches visitors about how apples and other fruits are transformed into alcoholic beverages, jams and more. This establishment, in business since 1918, also lets you ride your bike through their orchards and taste some of their succulent homemade products.

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