Nicolet-Yamaska, Both Urban and Rural
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Magnificently located on the plains of the St. Lawrence, Nicolet-Yamaska is a place that charms and amazes onlookers. Proud to be home to the UNESCO Lake Saint-Pierre Biosphere Reserve, this area boasts beautiful scenery, rich nature and warm-hearted people. Grab your bike and let the roads guide you to fantastic hidden treasures.

A cyclist’s paradise

Nicolet-Yamaska has four main country roads for cycling that total 70 km (43 mi.) and splendid rivers, making it ideal for cyclists wanting to admire the landscapes. The region provides useful amenities for cyclists, a river shuttle and a dozen parking lots where cyclists can leave their cars during one-day trips. Make the most of your stay by booking at Hotel Montfort Nicolet; after a day on the road there’s nothing better than retreating to a comfortable room or treating yourself to ultimate relaxation at the freshly renovated Les Centciels urban spa. A bit of pampering after a long bike ride should be just what you need!

At the heart of nature


Anyone who loves the outdoors and as-far-as-the-eye-can-see nature will be thrilled to explore the Anse-du-Port ecological park. It’s a great place to view the sunset on Lake Saint-Pierre and excellent for wildlife-watching. Be sure to bring binoculars; there are many beautiful species of water birds that call this park home. You’ll also find many parks and wooded areas perfect for a forest hike, not to mention several lakes, bridges and footbridges at the heart of wonderful natural environments.

Something new and tasty

Nicolet-Yamaska is full of surprises. Places to eat, museums to see, festivals and historical sites to discover all come together for a getaway of flavours and culture. For a taste of local flavour, try out the new microbrewery: la Flûte à Bec. Homemade beers and gourmet bistro fare will tempt your taste buds after your tour of this fabulous region.


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