Set The Wheels in Motion in Outaouais!
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Set The Wheels in Motion in Outaouais!
Set The Wheels in Motion in Outaouais!

This region boasts 800 km (497 mi.) of bike paths you’ll love to loop around. Grab the handlebars, get your spokes and sprockets spinning and set out to discover Outaouais, a true cycling paradise. Choose an urban trail or one in the heart of nature; a long flat road or a path of twists and turns – in Outaouais you’re guaranteed to find fun on two wheels.

Pick your circuit along the Ottawa River, within the cities of Gatineau or Ottawa or among the wooded areas of Gatineau Park, Petite-Nation, Pontiac or the Gatineau Valley. These six bicycle loops are lined with tourist attractions, places to stay and gourmet delights to give your bike ride a little something extra.

6 bicycle loops to discover

Make your choice, park your car, enjoy the ride, then return to your starting point thanks to these looping circuits!

On the shores of the capital. 57 km (35 mi.) along the rivers that border the urban areas of Gatineau (Hull district) and Ottawa.

Small, medium and large wheel. 36 km (22 mi.) around Hull, following the Ottawa River, sprinkled with fun cultural attractions and perfect for families.

In Papineau’s footsteps. 163 km (101 mi.) at the heart of the countryside of Petite-Nation and Franco-Ontarian heritage villages.

The northern log drivers. 95 km (59 mi.) parallel to the Gatineau River in the Gatineau Valley, dotted with places to take a break.

Legs on fire. 61 km (38 mi.) of curves and hills in Gatineau Park for cyclists on the lookout for challenges.

Pontiac: go west! 240 km (149 mi.) on the shores of the Ottawa River and through the picturesque villages of Pontiac.

A well-deserved break
A well-deserved break, Tourisme Outaouais

Hit the open road on NOKIA Sunday Bikedays

Don’t miss the last two NOKIA Sunday Bikedays of the season on August 27 and September 3. At these events on Sunday mornings, more than 50 km (31 mi.) of roads are closed to car traffic so that cyclists, runners, pedestrians and in-line skaters can safely take the scenic routes around Ottawa and Gatineau Park. Bring the whole family!

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