Spring awakens in the Jacques-Cartier region: time to stop dreaming and take action!

Spring awakens in the Jacques-Cartier region: time to stop dreaming and take action!

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Centre de l’Hêtre ©Centre de l’Hêtre

Take the opportunity to enjoy original accommodations in the spectacular environment of the Jacques-Cartier region. Make rest and relaxation a priority in a wonderful setting that appeals to families and outdoor enthusiasts! Choose from a variety of options and enjoy the largest playground in Québec only 20 minutes from downtown Québec City.

Montagne le Maelstrom
Photo credit: Montagne le Maelstrom

Sleep easy and revel in your surroundings!

In an old converted chapel in Lac-Beauport, spend a peaceful moment with your family at Centre Le Saisonnier. It offers two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a common living space and is ideal for a vacation in total harmony with nature.

For a blend of chic and nature in a minimalist Scandinavian-inspired setting, choose Nöge Hébergements. Their environmentally conscious units are built with noble materials that have a limited impact on nature. Heated floors, natural body products, a private spa and a cozy bed make for a comfortable experience in any of the cottages.

The Maelström Mountain is located at 580 m of altitude and offers a huge playground. It’s a top destination for anyone with a passion for mountain biking and hiking. The variety of rustic shelters is this place’s signature: choose between the Mirador, Cosy or Montagnard categories. Intriguing, isn't it?

Feel like floating on the water? Relax in one of the floating cottages at Bora Boréal. Take advantage of the area to enjoy some outdoor activities: walk on the trail or along the charming beach or head out with a kayak or paddleboard on the private lake.

Finally, for a quiet moment with yourself, the Centre de l'Hêtre is the place to take advantage of the calm and recharge your batteries. In addition to fully embracing the surrounding nature, this setting is perfect for some yoga or meditation or a massage.

Feel like sleeping under the stars? You can also choose from niche-pods, tree houses, farm cottages, comfortable hotels or cottages, yurts and welcoming motels in La Jacques-Cartier.

Take care of your health at Nordique spa Stoneham

On the banks of the mighty Jacques-Cartier River, nestled in the mountainous landscape of the valley, Nordique spa Stoneham is the place to pamper yourself. An invigorating ritual comes courtesy of the Finnish sauna, Turkish steam baths and outdoor hot tubs. Of course, the ultimate treat is a massage in this pure, natural environment. Mini houses are also newly available for rent directly on the site.

Nöge Hébergements
Photo credit: Nöge Hébergements

Everything you need at your fingertips!

If you prefer an all-inclusive format, there are several options where you can sleep, relax and enjoy delicious food all in one place. Choose Entourage sur-le-Lac, Manoir du Lac Delage, Village Vacances Valcartier or Station touristique Duchesnay. Spring is definitely the right season to spoil yourself!

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