Take a break from the daily grind with a trip to Outaouais
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The Trente-et-Un-Milles Lake
Parc régional du lac 31 milles
A vacation to a secluded island of pristine nature… make it happen! Release your inner Robinson Crusoe and set your sights on a calm and peaceful getaway. In the Outaouais region, there are masses of islands sure to delight all kinds of adventurers.

A superb, little-known territory

In the Gatineau Valley you’ll find 136 islands dotted on the crystal-clear waters of the Trente-et-Un-Milles Lake. Whether your thing is rustic canoe-camping or all-out glamping and ready-to-camp units, there’s an island just perfect for you! At Village Majopial, boat rentals make it possible for campers to get to the 30 campsites, some of which can accommodate more than one tent. A surveillance crew patrols the lake daily to inform campers on issues related to environment protection and safety rules, and can also provide low-cost campfire wood.

Peace and quiet at the Poisson Blanc Regional Park

The Baskatong Reservoir
The Baskatong Reservoir

The Poisson Blanc Reservoir offers a one-of-a-kind camping experience on its large artificial lake along with the privilege of neighbour-free camping. Accessible by boat only (available for rent), these islands and peninsulas are peaceful havens of incredible nature and beautiful scenery. Located on the north side of the reservoir, the Poisson Blanc Regional Park includes 50 backcountry campsites, some of which are free to use. You can also take advantage of the luggage-delivery service for hassle-free travelling!

The beauty and size of the Baskatong Reservoir

This exceptional inland sea covers 320 km2 (124 sq mi.) and stretches out as far as the eye can see. The Baskatong Reservoir has a 2800-km-long (1,740 mi.) shoreline, several beaches of fine sand and 160-or-so islands ideal for nature lovers wanting to indulge in solitude. Weigh anchor at these magnificent islands – for free! But don’t wait too long: first come first served!

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