The Eastern Townships: your zen destination
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Relaxation and spas in the Eastern Townships Spa Bolton ©Ian Roberge

Before all of this happened, stress was already part of the lives of most of us; and in the past few months, it has entered our daily lives in another form, making our days seem heavier and more intense. It isn’t always easy to get away from it – which is why you are invited to head over to the Eastern Townships. Destination: relaxation.

Saint-Benoit-du-Lac Abbey, credit: Stephane Lemire


Some of the first things that come to mind when we want to relax are spas. Everything about a spa invites us to relax: the environment, the hot tubs and baths, the treatments … Many spas in the Eastern Townships are the embodiment of this. With the sound of the waterfall nearby at the Bolton Spa; the baths and workshops at Spa Eastman; the exceptional treatments and healthy menu at Balnéa; etc. You’ll find plenty of spots in the region where you can take a load off.

Places to meditate

Spas are not the only places where we can say goodbye to stress. You can find a relaxing atmosphere elsewhere in the region, too. A must is the Saint-Benoit-du-Lac Abbey, near Austin. Simply strolling around the grounds is soothing. If on top of that you have the chance to stay overnight or attend a mass service enhanced with Gregorian chant, you’ll be on cloud nine!

There’s also the Sanctuaire de Beauvoir, a century-old place of pilgrimage overlooking the city of Sherbrooke which offers a pleasant, peaceful environment for a walk or for attending mass in the magnificent stone chapel. This visit pairs marvellously with a stop at the Halte des Pèlerins, a vineyard located five minutes away.

New this year: the panoramic sheds circuit in the Haut-Saint-François area (East Angus, Cookshire-Eaton, La Patrie, etc.). These stylized structures are dispersed over the whole territory and their locations are chosen according to the view – which is always magnificent! An ideal circuit for contemplation.

There are plenty of other possibilities for relaxation in the Eastern Townships: outdoor activities, exceptional scenery, calming road trips

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Sanctuaire de Beauvoir, credit: Daphne Caron

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