This Winter in Mauricie, You’re Not Out of the Woods!

This Winter in Mauricie, You’re Not Out of the Woods!

Destinations to explore, December 14, 2015 2015-12-14
Hôtel Sacacomie, Mauricie
Mauricie is a region that prides itself on its authentic nature. It’s real, genuine and without artifice. It has over 15,000 square miles of wild beauty and friendly people. Its natural beauty is astonishing, welcoming and closer than you think! Revel in the frosty season in the city and in the woods and visit this charming region sure to give you rosy cheeks and a warm feeling.

Living the life deep in the woods

For the perfect winter-white spot full of nature and tranquility, head to Hotel Sacacomie. Thanks to a hot crackling fire and the stunning log buildings on the side of the mountain, this peaceful oasis always delivers on its promise of a great vacation. Whether you like snowmobiling, ice fishing, snowshoeing, spa-going or fine dining, this hotel has something for active travellers as well as taking-it-easy types!

Boréalis - Center for the history of the paper industry
Boréalis - Center for the history of the paper industry
Winter is also a city season!

Just a short distance from downtown Trois-Rivières, the Boréalis museum offers a rich and informative experience. This centre presents the history of paper manufacturing in Mauricie and looks back at the most prosperous years of this important industry. There is much to discover at the museum itself but also on the mile-long urban circuit through the streets of the neighbourhood, and at the paper-making workshop. The activities are sure to please everyone and include historical visits, guided tours, a visit to the wine cellar and conferences followed by tastings. Going to the museum really is like taking a trip back in time!

Mauricie is a region with a lot to offer: 17,500 lakes, parks, vast forests, the countryside and an urban side. Get in on the fun, just 90 minutes from Montréal or Québec City.

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