Travel Along the Anglo-Saxon Heritage of the Townships
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Townships Trail - Missisquoi Museum in Stanbridge East
Photo credit: Sébastien Larose
Townships Trail
Get ready for a historical trip where heritage, old buildings and wonderful scenery share the spotlight. Put your daily cares on hold on the Townships Trail, a signposted circuit that explores the unique Anglo-American heritage of the Eastern Townships. With over 415 km (258 miles) of history, it features buildings, museums, villages and nature. It’s also a way to meet residents who are keen on preserving the cultural wealth that makes this part of the province a must-see. Whether you follow the circuit in order or visit sections of it haphazardly, you’ll see that it never fails to amaze!

On the Trails of the Founders

Discover the story of the Americans and immigrants from the British Isles who were the first to settle in the region in the late 18th century and during the 19th century. The buildings you’ll see include Victorian homes, churches, covered bridges and more. You’ll learn where the idea to build round barns came from and how mills were a central part of life at the time. History buffs will be smitten!

There are many ways to enhance your trip on the Townships Trail. In addition to the free road map of the trail, visitors can purchase the CD package and travel guide for a small fee. These can be ordered by phone or online, or you can pick them up at the region’s tourism information offices and at businesses that are members of the Friends of the Townships Trail.

It’s High Tea Time!

English tea Route
English tea Route

Keep the theme going with a quintessential English activity. Five stops on the Townships Trail form the English tea Route and invite you to treat yourself to a cup of tea in a charming setting reminiscent of the English countryside. Operating on different schedules, the Miner Heritage Farm, the Colby-Curtis museum, the Beaulne museum, the Chocolatière and the Uplands cultural centre are the five places where you can enjoy a spot of tea with scones, jams and Devonshire cream and nibble on dainty sandwiches and fine pastries. Have a look at the English tea Route to check the schedules and learn more.

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