Try Tourism for Foodies in the Eastern Townships
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Guided tour in the Townships
Visite guidée dans les Cantons-de-l'Est
As a proud gourmet region, the Eastern Townships want to share their homegrown treasures with you. Sprinkle your vacation with a few tasty treats when you visit the farms and food producers in the region, attend a food-themed event, sit down to a meal at the restaurant of a Creative Chef or at a Village Café or explore the world of wine. In the Townships, a cornucopia of local flavours is within reach!

Meet the farmers

Several food producers welcome you enthusiastically to unveil the secrets of their trade and know-how. Visit cheese shops, the honey farm and duck, rabbit and cow breeders to learn more about how regional products are created. Don’t forget to stop by the public markets – excellent places to get some fresher-than-fresh produce.

Guided tours of the vineyards

A cheese factory in the Townships
A cheese factory in the Townships

Wine connoisseurs will be delighted to stroll along the rows of vines in the Townships. But a tour of a vineyard wouldn’t be complete without a guide who can explain all the steps of winemaking, from the picking of the grapes to putting the wine in bottles. Get to know the entire process and learn about grape-growing in Quebec with a visit to well-known vineyards in the Eastern Townships, including Vignoble de l’Orpailleur, Vine and Wine Economuseum, the Cep d’Argent and Léon Courville Vigneron. You’ll learn how wine is made, get to taste some samples…and maybe even drink a bit of champagne!

Fill up your baskets!

There’s nothing like picking and choosing your own fruits. Whether your favourite is strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or the classic apple, you’ll find an orchard in the Eastern Townships where you can go fruit-picking (documents in French). Some even specialize in lesser-known fruits, such as the sea buckthorn, the rose hip or the honeyberry. The calendar and producers’ chart are very useful for knowing when each fruit is in season and where you can get it. Don’t miss this juicy opportunity!


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