Teach Your Kids about the Jobs of Yesteryear
Eastern Townships, Much More Than an Experience!, July 13, 2015 2015-07-13
Épopée de Capelton / Photo Credit: René Houle
Would you like to give your youngsters a taste of the past? In the Eastern Townships you’ll find a collection of historical sites where families can learn more about the big industries of the old days with original visits that are sure to please. Make a date with history this summer!

The Capelton Mine

Cool off on hot days with an underground visit of the Capelton Mine in North Hatley and discover the history of the region’s gold miners. After your visit of this old copper mine, come back to the surface for the Prospector’s Tour. End your day on the adventure trail or by taking a stroll through the Capelton marsh.

The Windsor Powder Mill

Once you’ve chosen your route, you could decide to give the car a break and take your bike instead. Cyclists of all levels can use theThis is where visitors can learn the secrets, the how and the why of the industry around black powder, an essential component of explosives. A permanent interactive exhibition shows what daily life was like for the employees of this powder mill that operated in the late 19th century and what the properties of this intriguing powder are. In the summer, a theatrical guided tour that your little ones are sure to love is offered.

The Ulverton Wool Mill

Have a memorable day filled with history, fresh air and a complete sensory experience. Over 100 years ago, dozens of mills harnessed the energy they needed from the Ulverton River. This mill is the only surviving establishment! You’ll learn all about how wool is processed, from sheep’s wool to knitted socks.

Prospector’s Tour / Photo Credit: Épopée de Capelton

The Louis S. St. Laurent National Historic Site

Visit the birthplace of this former Canadian Prime Minister, who lived at the turn of the 20th century, and see what life was like in the countryside of the Eastern Townships. This museum is set up to look like an old general store and teaches you about this fascinating and eventful time.

Explore an Enchanted Forest

After your exciting trip back in time, step into an entirely different and magical environment on the Foresta Lumina trail at Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook. This circuit, which uses scenography, lights and the region’s myths and legends, is making headlines around the world. Once night has fallen, bring the family and get ready to be fully amazed!


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