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A trip to the farm is always great fun for young and old alike! The Fédération des Agricotours du Québec proposes so many ways to meet all kinds of farmers. Farm-owners are always happy to welcome visitors and to teach them about their animals and products through guided tours and interpretation activities. Sheep, geese, emus, buffalo, goats and more make for great discoveries and tasty cooked meats! On-site facilities are perfect for picnics, hikes and other outdoor activities. Most of the time, you can also meet animals face-to-face to feed and pet them. Farm tours are a perfect family activity and games or small rides are sometimes offered to complete the day’s activities! Some places also serve country-style meals so you can fully appreciate the flavour of the local products.
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Ayer’s Cliff Fair
The Ayer's Cliff agricultural exposition will be celebrating its 175th edition. Discover four days of family activities and shows. On the program: livestock ...
Éco-café Au bout du monde - Le Baluchon, Éco-resort
L'Éco-café is a place that is unique both in terms of its decor and its cuisine, which sets special value on organic and natural foods. Most dishes are ...
La Vallée du Wapiti
It all started with a visit to Parc Oméga in 2007. While feeding the wapitis, Christine Langelier and Mathieu Lavallée came up with the ideal of raising ...
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