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Quebec Ski Area Association (ASSQ) 

1347, rue Nationale
Terrebonne (Qc), Canada
J6W 6H8
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Spend spring break on the mountain!
February and March are great times to take ski trips to Quebec!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2020-02-03
Discover the vast outdoors on the road in Quebec!
Cast a new look on massive snow falls: they signal the beginning of a great adventure!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2019-12-12
Flurries of new features are coming to Quebec’s ski areas
The first snowflakes have fallen at the top of the mountain, a sure sign that winter has arrived!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2019-12-02
Spend spring break at Quebec’s ski areas
Jump into snow-covered fun and choose from a mountain of exciting activities.
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2019-02-04
Enjoy a ski trip that meets your highest expectations!
The 75 ski areas in Quebec – beloved playgrounds for all ages – welcome you this winter!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2018-12-17
A promising winter at Quebec’s ski centres!
Good news: winter is on its way, and so is the ski season!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2018-11-19
Head to the Mountain for a Spring Break Family Vacation!
It’s time for fun, and what families deserve is a great big breath of fresh air!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2018-02-12
Families are Summoned to the Slopes!
For great family fun, a day out on snow-covered ski trails can’t be beat!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2017-12-22
Get Your Skis Tuned, Winter’s Here!
Every snowfall is what winter mountain sports enthusiasts look forward to.
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2017-11-27
Spring Break on the Slopes!
If you want to get the most out of spring break, you need to move, go outside, have fun and go crazy!
Author: Quebecgetaways     
Date : 2017-02-06