Generating Stations in Quebec
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All across the province of Quebec in Canada, it is possible to tour small and large generating stations, as well as astounding dams. In all, there are 16 sites that welcome visitors for observation of this great heritage treasure. You can enter into the immensity of the Robert-Bourassa Generating Facility in James Bay. Or have a great time with the family at the Électrium in Sainte-Julie, in the Montérégie region: an interpretation centre featuring interactive displays and various presentations to help you better understand how energy is generated. Nature lovers will enjoy a trip to Parc de la rivière Batiscan, in the Mauricie region, to tour a former station that was built in 1897. When you add a generating station to your travel itinerary, you are treating yourself to lovely discoveries and electrifying memories!
Our suggestions - Generating Stations
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Centrale de la Romaine-1
Visit Romaine-1 generating station for a one-of-a-kind experience. In Havre-Saint-Pierre, visit all three levels of Romaine-1 generating station. Go under ...
Robert-Bourassa Generating Facilities
Calling everyone who loves nature and spectacular northern vistas: Why not take the Route de la Baie-James and see where all that energy comes from? At ...